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Where to Watch the World Cup

What’s the main topic of conversation in Nice these days? Yes, you guessed it, it seems that everyone in Nice is gripped by World Cup fever! With Nice’s large international community, it’s not surprising that every evening pubs and bars are full to the brim with enthusiastic fans cheering their country on. Afterwards, there’s no better excuse to go out and celebrate (or commiserate) with a drink or three…Nice Matin offers a round-up of the best bars and restaurants to watch the World Cup…even if football’s not your thing, it’s worth going along just to soak up the electric atmosphere.



In Nice, you’re spoilt for choice! From the Old Town to Place Garibaldi to the port, the opportunities are endless; almost every bar and restaurant sports a screen. However, the 2 that come out top are…


Akathor, 32 cours Saleya, Old TownReservations 04 93 80 89 22.

Seats 200 on the terrace, 100 inside.

Why here? There are seven TV screens, (three outside, four inside), plus free distribution of world cup make-up, maracas and noise-makers, a fantastic atmosphere, and drinks are a good price.


Wayne’s, 15 Rue de la Préfecture.Reservations can be made 04 93 13 46 99.

Seats 70 inside.

Why here? A great place to hang out for the English crowd, it has a giant screen downstairs and two at the entrance, and the atmosphere is explosive!



In the town or on the beach, equally there’s a great range of places to go…


L’Annexe, Sports bar, 9 Felix Faure, behind the town hall. Reservations 04 93 29 73 79

Why here? The bar is decorated with a world cup theme, with waiters wearing football kit and artificial grass on the floor. Five screens show all the matches of the evening.


La Z-Plage, (Hotel Martinez private beach), 73 boulevard de la Croisette,Reservations 04 92 98 73 19

Why here? Two large screens show the matches each evening. Entertainment provided by a Brazilian band until 26th June, and betting games organised before each match, with bottles of champagne for the winners.



Like Nice and Cannes, there are any number of bars or restaurants to choose from. However, the two unmissables are…


Le Stars’n’Bars, 6 quai Antoine. Reservations 0037 97 97 95 95

Why here? The real asset of this sports bar-restaurant is its truly giant screen, which means you can be sure of not missing anything!


La Brasserie de Monaco, 36 Route de la Piscine. Reservations 00377 97 98 51 20

Why here? You can watch the action on eight different screens, plus there’s a great atmosphere in this bar/restaurant.  

OR if you’ve bought your Nice property, you could just get your friends and family round and host your very own World Cup party!